Keeping it Simple: The Good Ol’ County Fair


These are my people.

They understand the joy that comes from the simplicity of dirt, animals, crafts and food-on-a stick.

It’s five-dollar fun. Tractor pulls and cows. Sitting on straw bales watching a rough log coerced into a shapely bear by a chainsaw.

Walking through rows in the stables and barns. Just looking at the behooved and be-horned because they are there, not because you have a true appreciation.

It’s unpretentious and smelly.

Collections are assembled and pies are baked. The most watered, most loved vegetables are blue ribbon pinned. You could probably taste the pride, if they let you.

The barkers don’t bark. There is no competition. They just sit and swelter. Waiting for you to decide your life is incomplete without a terminal goldfish or matted stuffed animal.

Alliances are forged in color. You are green. I am red. But we will all come together over their harvested goods. Sit at long tables, family style. Introductions unnecessary.

These are my people.








KIS9All photos taken at the Stephenson County Fair, Freeport, Illinois.


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